Common Causes pf Electric Scooter Accidents in Savannah

There is no denying that the world has witnessed a substantial boost in the production and use of electronic scooters in recent years. They are a more economical option and offer affordability in the long term. The rise of e-scooter use also raises the possibility of an accident. The US roads have seen an increase in electronic scooter accidents as well. 

E-scooters are involved in over 1,500 every year, and people want to know why. While there are many reasons why e-scooter accidents happen, being aware of the most common ones can help you avoid them. If you have already been in such an accident, contact a Savannah personal injury lawyer today. 

Common causes of electric scooter accidents 

  • Dangerous left turns. 

Electric scooters heading straight on the road are often hit by vehicles making a dangerous left turn without checking. In such accidents, the other drivers usually claim that they did not see the e-scooter or that it was not visible since it is smaller in size. Moreover, the lights on an e-scooter make it seem like it is farther away than it actually is. This increases the possibility of an accident during the night. 

  • Distracted driving. 

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities on US roads, be it e-scooters, motor vehicles, or trucks. Many e-scooter drivers assume that since their vehicle is smaller and easier to operate, it is okay for them to look at their phones. However, the size of the vehicle should not be used as an excuse to endanger the lives of other road users, such as pedestrians and other scooters. 

  • Scooter malfunction. 

One of the most common causes of scooter injuries is scooter malfunction. Sometimes, it is not the driver or other driver at fault but the scooter manufacturing company. A variety of scooter malfunctions, such as brake failures, handlebar collapses, flat tires, and electronic motor issues, have caused road accidents. Moreover, there is a lack of physical protection around the driver, which makes them more susceptible to injuries. 

  • Lane splitting. 

Lane splitting is when a scooter switches between different lanes, usually to get ahead of other vehicles. It is a common practice in heavily congested roads and intersections. While lane splitting can seem like a good way to avoid traffic, it is dangerous. Other motorists may not expect an e-scooter to suddenly appear in front of them and result in a collision. Lane splitting has caused catastrophic injuries multiple times. 

If you were injured in an e-scooter accident, you need legal help. Contact an attorney today. 

Steppe Zamora