Mistakes That Can Get Your Personal Injury Claim Refused Right Away

After you have been injured in an accident, you will have all your hopes on the personal injury claim. With this amount, you are likely to take care of all your medical expenses and damages due to the accident. A personal injury claim is filed against the person, who acted negligently. However, if you file a claim and come to know that it has been rejected, it can really be depressing. You need to contact a Seattle personal injury attorney, who can analyze the reason for the refusal. Some of the common ones are explained below:

You did not get medical treatment right after the accident

The insurance company will refuse your personal injury claim if you did not seek medical treatment right away. It is vital to get the medical attention even if you have suffered minor injuries. It not only rules out the possibility of getting injured internally but also helps you get the claim cleared. If you have not done that, the insurance company might believe that you are not seriously injured.

Did not call the police at the accident spot

While it may sound scary to call the police after the accident, it is the need of the hour. You should document everything, take pictures of the accident and call the police after you have been injured. Sometimes, the injuries are major ones and you may not click photographs. The statements and notes of the police play a vital role in your claim. If you did not call the officials, your claim will be rejected. 

Giving a recorded statement

If you have given a recorded statement to the insurance company, you are likely to get your claim rejected. These companies use this trap to deny the claim. They can take your statement and take something out of it to simply refuse the claim. However, if the need arises, you should consult your personal injury lawyer Utah beforehand and give any statement, if stuck around utah.

Delaying in hiring a good personal injury lawyer

Most people hire a lawyer after the claim has been rejected. They come to him because they don’t understand the reason for the refusal. If you had contacted a genuine and knowledgeable lawyer beforehand, things would have been in your favor. To file a personal injury claim in a correct manner, you should hire an attorney.

It is suggested to search for the best lawyer after meeting with a few of them.  

Steppe Zamora