Why Should You Consider Settling Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

After you have filed a personal injury lawsuit, many people will come to you and suggest a settlement. A personal injury lawsuit can help you get the amount you deserve. In most cases, the litigation is filed after the insurance company has refused your claim or lowered the amount. Your personal injury attorney will be the best person, who can help you at every stage. That’s why, you should always get in touch with Orem Personal Injury Lawyers having good experience and knowledge in this field. Some of the reasons why you should opt for settlement are elaborated on below:

Litigation means more fees to the attorney

One of the reasons why you must go for the settlement is because the lawyer’s fees will be less if the case gets closed at the settlement stage. All personal injury lawyers work on the contingency agreement in which they may charge you 33% of the compensation you receive. If the case reaches trial, this percentage will rise and he will charge 40% of the amount.  Other factors should also be considered if the case reaches trial such as court fees, money spent on testimonies and loss of valuable time. Your personal injury lawyer will be the best person to deal with the settlement. 

Trials can take away your night’s sleep

Many people believe that they are able to win more money if they don’t settle for the amount and proceed with the case in court. However, trials are always stressful because the case gets more complicated as it progresses. During trials, both parties, witnesses and other people may have to be on the stand and go through cross-examination. Lawyers of both parties will leave no stone unturned to save their clients and it may get personal when they try to dig into the past of parties. No one wants to get judged when it comes to their characters and personal lives.

Damages and liability are unpredictable during trial

Anything can be expected if the case is going through the trial. The attorneys will use all their tactics and tools to change the liabilities and damages. They will try to deny the charges to make sure that their client remains unaffected. On the other hand, if parties consider the out-of-court settlement, they can resolve the matter in a better way without hurting each other’s reputation.

If you are considering trials, it is suggested to negotiate on the behalf of your lawyer. 

Angie Juarez