Police Did Not Arrive After a Crash? Know Your Options! 

When you get into a vehicle crash, the first thing you will do is call the police and inform them. Victims must stay at the accident scene and exchange information until the police arrive. Additionally, when you meet a Glastonbury personal injury lawyer, the first thing they will ask you is for a police report to understand your case and take further steps. 

While police usually arrive after you call them after an accident, there may be chances that cops cannot make it to your accident scene. However, note that even if the police do not arrive at your accident scene, you should collect all the possible evidence against the at-fault party. This evidence includes pictures and videos of the accident scene, other drivers’ information, witness statements, information from bystanders, and more. 

Duty of Report 

According to the law in Glastonbury, Connecticut, victims must report their accident to the police if it resulted in $1,000 worth of damages, including injuries and property damage. If the police fail to show up at your accident scene, you can file a report on your own. Go to your nearest police station and file a report about your accident. Although filing a police report yourself would not provide much information as police would not understand the situation if they are not present at the accident scene, it can surely help when filing a claim. 

How long do you get to file a police report?

You can file a police report within five days from your accident scene. Filing a police report will serve as vital evidence when you pursue a claim.  When you file a personal injury claim, you will need to prove the negligence of the other driver to get successful compensation. Therefore, it is advisable to file a police report even if the police do not show up at the accident scene. 

Speak to a personal injury lawyer. 

Filing a police report alone can be challenging, especially if you have no experience and knowledge of legalities. Therefore, you should speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer who can assist you in filing a police report. Furthermore, a lawyer will also help in gathering evidence against the at-fault party and file a car accident claim. They will also negotiate with the insurance company to ensure they do not trick you and you get a fair settlement for your injuries and damages. 

Melinda Jung