Discussing Fee Structures as Per the Industry’s Standard in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury law book on a table.

Personal injury claims are the best way to recover your losses and damages. If you have been injured in an accident, you are entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses and other costs associated with it. You will not be able to do it without the help of Rochester Personal Injury lawyers. It has also been observed that people are reluctant to use a lawyer for personal injury cases because they think that it will be an additional financial burden on them. On the contrary, they can save a good amount of money if they hire an attorney.

Industry’s standard of paying fees

According to the legal industry, the attorney gets paid after the case is won. He charges money once the compensation has been awarded. It lessens the amount of burden on the plaintiff because he already has lost a lot in the personal injury. If he has to spend money on hiring an attorney before the case’s outcome is received, he will go through financial crunches. 

According to the industry, all law firms and lawyers work on the same fee structure when it comes to a personal injury case. They charge some percentage of the amount received at the end of the case. 

Contingency fee payment structure

In this type, the fees depend on the amount received after the plaintiff has won the case. Since you will not be paying anything upfront, the law firm or the lawyer will bear all the expenses of the case.  The amount of compensation varies from one case to another and hence, fees also vary accordingly. You can discuss it with your lawyer about the percentage to avoid any conflict later on. You should not sign any document unless you have read the terms and conditions of the contingency fees.

Minimizing the risks to plaintiffs

The contingency structure reduces the risks of the plaintiffs paying the attorney in the beginning. If they are already struggling with financial difficulties, they will lose more money if they don’t win.  To save them from these situations, the contingency structure has been introduced in the industry. Moreover, they may not be able to bear the court’s expenses if the case goes to trial. If they don’t win the case, they won’t lose any money.

A personal injury lawyer makes a great difference in your case. That’s why, hiring a good one can help you win the case. 

Willie Auman