Understanding Sexual Harassment in The Workplace

Often time in a workplace, sexual harassment can go unnoticed. Sometimes victims are left unaware, and other times, the sufferer goes silent because they do not want to risk their job. Although sexual harassment is a more sensitive and vocal topic among women, many men also suffer through it in their workplace. If you ever face any kind of sexual harassment, immediately talk to a Paramus sexual harassment lawyer.

Sexual harassment certainly does not have to be an inappro[riate touch; it could be disrespectful comments or jokes, teasing, intimidating, or demanding sexual favors in turn for a raise or promotion. While these are some examples of sexual harassment, it is not limited to just these, and it can be far more extensive and severe. 

While in most cases, the victim is harassed by someone in a power position, sometimes the harasser can also be a co-worker or someone with a lower job profile. Sexual harassment is solely based on the victim’s feelings, which is valid if the victim feels harassed while the harasser might feel non-sexual or appropriate. 

Many people go through sexual harassment without even realizing that they are a victim. So, below are some examples to understand sexual harassment in the workplace.

Different behaviors indicate sexual harassment.

According to law, sexual harassment is a punishable offense. So if ever at work you go through a sexual harassment incident, it is well within your rights to file a complaint and punish your harasser. However, it is first essential to understand these behaviors to report them.

  • Inappropriate demands and advances for sexual favors and dates.
  • Commenting or gazing inappropriately at someone’s body
  • Using a power position to exploit employees sexually
  • Hostile surroundings- experience a workplace with a sexualized environment
  • Sending obscene texts or messages
  • Badmouthing about someone else’s sexual life 
  • Touching someone without their consent

The above-given examples are just a few instances of sexual harassment. Talking to a sexual harassment lawyer will help you understand it better, and you will start noticing the inappropriate behavior of your boss or co-worker. 

If you think you are a victim of sexual harassment, get alawyer and discuss your rights and what further actions you can take against your harasser. Your lawyer will advise what you should do next and how you should deal with your harasser. Additionally, the lawyer will play a vital role in ensuring that your rights are protected and you get the justice you deserve. 

Steppe Zamora