What is the Role of a Lease Lawyer?

Every business needs sound advice on legal matters, including commercial leases. Lease lawyers have a wealth of expertise and experience in lease law, allowing them to provide guidance on a range of lease related issues. They’ll work closely with your business to develop a thorough understanding of your characteristics so as to personalise their approach. In doing so, they can be trusted to represent and protect your interests while helping you make the best decisions and achieve great outcomes. Read on for more information on what the role of a lease lawyer involves.

Provide Concise & Sound Legal Advice

In many ways, the role of a lease lawyer is similar to that of any other lawyer. Their job is to give concise and understandable advice that’s tailored to your specific circumstances which you can take on-board. Every area of law has jargon that only someone with the right knowledge will be able to grasp, but good lawyers have the ability to simplify and distil that for their clients.

Represent & Protect Your Interests

People often seek out a lawyer to stand by their side and represent and protect their interests. The exact same is true with a lease lawyer who is commercially savvy and knows the law both inside and out. From offices, warehouses and factories through to retail shops of all types and sizes, a lawyer who has expertise in commercial leases can look out for many different types of clients and their needs. 

Resolve Disputes & Handle Litigation

Disagreements and misunderstandings are part and parcel of all legal matters. Fortunately, lease lawyers are just as capable as other lawyers at resolving disputes between two or more parties and handling litigation. Their extensive expertise allows them to inform clients about their legal rights and responsibilities so that they’re not found to be unfairly liable, ensuring they’re well looked after.

Achieve Fair & Favourable Outcomes

When two or more parties are negotiating, making everyone happy can be a challenge. The role of a lease lawyer is to facilitate communication and suggest compromises, giving tenants and landlords alike the best chance at achieving a positive outcome without burning any bridges or stepping on any toes. A lease lawyer can help do this with many different aspects of lease law, including new leases, lease agreements, disclosure statements, transfer of lease, variation of lease, sublease, lease negotiation, lease surrender, options for further terms, rent determination, lease disputes and more.

Always Get Advice When You Need It

Lease lawyers are there to help you with any and all lease related matters. When you need reliable advice and assistance, you can rely on them to have your back. They’ll get to know the ins and outs of your situation and circumstances, using that information to provide you with tailored strategies and solutions. Rather than trying to make sense of lease law on your own and potentially making an error or missing something important that could cost your business, get a lease lawyer on board who you can trust to guide and support you through the process from start to finish.

Willie Auman