Common Ways Insurance Company Can Trick You! 

After getting into a truck accident, it can be challenging to deal with an insurance company. Most insurance adjusters use various tactics to lower or deny your compensation amount. There are many stories of injured drivers with accurate claims trying to get the compensation they deserve. But, due to the insurance companies that try to trick the victim and take advantage of them, they settle for less compensation. 

Therefore, when you file a claim, speak to a lawyer! They can help in protecting your rights and get the compensation you deserve. 

How does an insurance company trick you after a truck accident?

  • The insurance adjuster will act as your friend

If you file an insurance claim, the adjuster representing the insurance company may call you. The claim adjuster will act as if they are concerned for you and will try to be friendly and helpful. Make sure that you do not fall into their trap. They will be kind, but you must know that it is their part of employee training. The information you share with them will be used against you to reduce the settlement offer. Be careful while sharing any information with the insurance adjuster. 

  • Artificial deadlines 

The insurance adjuster will hasten and give you false deadlines to get your signature on the settlement agreement. They will tell you that the offer is available only for a limited time. Additionally, the insurance adjuster will try to settle the claim as soon as possible. Make sure you do not settle shortly, even though your injuries or damages are minor. You must analyze to know whether the settlement is fair or not. You can also contact a personal injury lawyer so that they can give you an honest review of your situation. 

  • Your pain is due to your prior injuries

The insurance company will trick you by saying that your pain is due to your prior injuries. They will make you think that your problems are due to your previous accident and have nothing to do with the recent accident. Remember, do not get fooled and think you cannot file a claim. If you have a prior health condition, share it with your doctor and sort it out by analyzing what is new versus old. 

  • They will use your words against you

The most common trick of an insurance adjuster is to use your words against you. Even a small conversation with them can be tricky. You have to talk with the adjuster but think before you say anything. It is better to find an attorney who will speak on your behalf because even intelligent people fall for their tricks. 

Steppe Zamora