Defective Product Injury Claim Lawyer – The Right Lawyer to Handle Your Defective Product Injury Claim

While many accidents and injuries are not the results of faulty products, some can.  Various injuries caused by defective products often cause long-term damage to an individual’s health and finances.

Suppose you or a loved one was injured by a product that is unsafe due to manufacturing defects. If so, you may qualify for compensation through a defective product injury claim lawyer. Defective product lawyers in Miami will help determine if your case qualifies and advise on your legal options. Read on for more information about product defect claims.

What Are The Categories Of Product Defects?

There are three categories of product defects: design, manufacturing, and marketing defects.

  • Design Defects: This occurs when the product is flawed due to its design. An example of this can portray a car flipping over in a crash because of a faulty design.
  • Manufacturing Defects: This implies a mistake throughout the manufacturing process. This could be a flaw in the material, an error in the assembly line, or something else.
  • Marketing Defects: This is when there is a problem with how the product was marketed to consumers. This can include misleading advertising or failure to disclose essential information about the product. This also includes failure to warn consumers about potential risks.

What Are The Elements Of A Product Liability Claim?

There are three elements to a product liability claim: breach of warranty, negligence, and strict liability.

  • Breach Of Warranty: This occurs when the manufacturer or seller of a product fails to honor an implied warranty or purpose of the product. The best defective product attorney can help you prove that there was a manufacturer breach of warranty.
  • Negligence: This is when a manufacturer or seller of a product does not exercise a reasonable care in the manufacturing or selling process, causing an injury to another person. It also applies when the manufacturer fails to warn about a dangerous aspect of using their product.
  • Strict Liability: Under strict liability, you can sue for damages caused by defective products without having to prove that the company was negligent – they are automatically liable.

In order to win a defective product lawsuit, you must prove that the product was defective and that this caused your injury. Your defective product liability lawyers will be able to show these above mentioned elements for your case.

What Are Some Common Types Of Defective Products?

Let’s go ahead and review some the following culprits:

  • Cars: Defective car parts can cause serious injuries in a crash. In some cases, faulty airbags have been burn or even suffocate individuals.
  • Toys: Toys that contain lead paint are dangerous for children because they could injest toxic material while manipulating. There have also been cases of children being injured by defective toys that have small parts or sharp edges.
  • Drugs: Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications can sometimes have dangerous side effects that are not disclosed to consumers. This has led to many people being severely injured, or even dying, after taking these drugs.
  • Appliances: Defective appliances can cause fires or electrocution, which is why they are required to meet specific safety standards.

Contact a Defective Product Attorney Today!

Product liability law is complex, so it’s important to have a top defective product attorney on your side to help you understand your options. An Oregon defective products lawyer will help determine if you have a valid claim. They will review the facts of your case and help you receive the compensation you deserve. Reach out to one today.

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