Questions To Ask A Car Accident Witness

Car accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in the United States. Despite the government’s efforts to raise awareness about safe driving, people follow unsafe driving practices endangering their own as well as other people’s lives on the road. Speaking to witnesses is one way to establish liability if another party has injured you. 

Recovering compensation in Louisville is not an easy process. You need to gather evidence in order to prove the other party was at fault. Asking a few specific questions to witnesses can help you understand the situation as well as improve your chances of recovering damages. Speak to a louisville car accident attorney today and explore your options. 

Questions to ask a car accident witness

  • When did you notice the accident?

Some car accident witnesses observe the entire incident from beginning to end. Some are present only during the ending moments, while others arrive after the accident has happened. Before you ask the witness any other questions, it is crucial to know where they were during the wreck and if they saw it from the start. It is also essential to make sure they are sure of what they saw and do not have doubt in their answers. 

  • What were you doing just before the accident?

Many witnesses do not have their undivided attention on the accident, which can cause errors of facts in their answers. For example, let us consider that the witness was distracted and only looked at the accident after they heard a crashing sound; they may not help you. However, if the witness was not doing anything right before the accident, they may have seen and heard everything with complete focus. 

  • From your perspective, how did the crash occur?

Open-ended questions like this will allow you to understand how the accident unfolded from various perspectives and reveal new information. Stories narrated from different points of view also put a spotlight on things that you may have overlooked. The witness should tell you about the factors that they believe led to the accident. 

  • Were you with anyone at the time of the accident?

Witnesses who were with other people at the time of the accident may be distracted, which is common when you have company. It is important to pick your witnesses wisely because the insurance company may later argue that your witness was with their friend and, thus, distracted. 

On the other hand, the person accompanying the witness being questioned can also serve as a witness and help your case. If a witness had company, make sure to question them as well. 

Melinda Jung