The Cost Of Hiring A Workers’ Comp Lawyer In Cedar Rapids

You were injured at work and are now recovering at home with the hope that you will start getting temporary disability benefits soon. In the real world, things may not move as expected. The workers’ compensation benefits are paid by the insurance company, and the claims adjuster will do their best to evade the payments. A lot of things can go against you, including something as small as posting details on your social media handles. Regardless of the situation, you will benefit from hiring a Cedar Rapids workers’ comp lawyer. In this post, we are discussing the cost of hiring an attorney.

Understanding the contingency fee

Most lawyers take up workers’ comp cases on a contingency fee basis. This basically means that the client doesn’t have to pay the legal fees immediately. The lawyer will not track the number of hours they have spent on your case. Instead, they get a percentage of the final recovery. Whether the claim is taken to trial or settled, the lawyer doesn’t get an upfront fee. If you don’t recover anything, the lawyer cannot collect a fee. There could be some exceptions to this, and it is best to have a document with your attorney about the payment.

Also, remember that Iowa doesn’t impose a percentage or upper limit on what a workers’ comp lawyer can charge a client. The standard fee is 25% but could be as high as 33.3%. Discuss these details with your lawyer before you engage them.

Other expenses at a glance

There are other expenses related to a workers’ compensation case that must be paid by the client and not associated with the attorney’s fee. The legal fee is what the attorney takes for their work. Other expenses include the costs/fees related to getting medical records, filing fees, consultations with doctors, and at times, even travel expenses. As a client, you should always know what to expect regarding expenses, and the lawyer must share an estimate in advance. Some lawyers can help with the costs, but you are still required to repay the same when you get your benefits.

There is no one way of dealing with a workers’ compensation claim. You must do your homework right and find an attorney who can help handle things with the insurance company. Once the lawyer is on board, they will talk to the claims adjuster on your behalf.

Melinda Jung